Kitchen tools that actually work!

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We spend a lot of time in people’s kitchens while cooking for them and hanging out with our clients. We get asked about kitchen equipment literally all the time! Sometimes we show up and when we start opening drawers and cabinets we realize that while they have some utensils and equipment that might do the job a few times, they really don’t take the time to choose the ideal tools to prepare unforgettable meals!

We know for a fact that the right tools help us come up with the best results, we have taken the time to put together a small list of great items that, in our opinion, every household kitchen should have! We want to help you have fun in the kitchen and we know that fighting your food or your tools is not fun when you are trying to cook the perfect meal! These are items that might not be the cheapest, but the quality-price equation cannot be beaten! The following are items that we actually use and we would not recommend if we hadn’t tried them ourselves first, we actually love them:

  • The best silicone spatulas:
  • The best electronic scale:
  • The best salad spinner. It’s a great idea to dry out your leaf vegetables after washing them:
  • The best mixer:
  • The best knife:
  • The best cutting boards:
  • The best whisk:
  • The best peeler:
  • The best pans: The best blender:
  • The best food processor:
  • The best measuring cups:
  • The best bowls:
  • The best tongs: The best liners for baking:
  • The best oven mitts:

The best bar set, because, just like food, drinks are very important to have a great experience: For now, these should be able to get you in a great position to cook.

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